[Mobile Uploads] from 13-11-07: Skid Row w/ Sign

The Mean Fiddler, Astoria 2, London.


Skid Row

 Skid Row at The Mean Fiddler

Back when the Astoria was there, this is the first gig my dad took me too. I realise the quality of these pictures are not to the standard some people may expect [no names mentioned], but I still quite like these photos, and the atmosphere that went with them. There is a sentimental value. I got right to the front, with my dad, after painstakingly waiting for two girls to move; And I got chosen by the man himself, and given the guitar pick Scotti Hills played with all night, which I obviously still have. It was a shame there was no Sebastian Bach or Dave "Snake" Sabo. Bach is no longer with Skid Row, he hasn't been for a while, and Sabo had been arrested the night before this gig. Nonetheless it is a gig I remember, and will remember for a long time.

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