Back to Black

Photo courtesy of CARROTTOP PR

Goth meets glam this autumn/winter and we are returning back to black.

Dark Gothic fashion has, for the most part, been the stereotypical ideal in the underworld of cult followers. Now, celebrities and designers around the globe have made it a mainstream trend. Make of that what you will.

More and more we are seeing black on black on black. But a hot trend amongst many is the interesting concept that seems to include an evening ensemble of shorter length skirts which are sheer with a noticeable underwear or crochet bodice top. Popular fabrics include lace or sheer black fabric, but more recently denim and leather - with the addition of "studding".

CARROTTOP PR have kindly combined a selection of the finest pieces on the market at the moment; we at NOCTIS absolutely adore them.

Here's a break down of what's on offer:
  • Jewellery by Jaymie boasts cute hand-made jewellery created from illustrations. The pieces are quirky and completely unique; the best thing is they aren't like the jewellery we see time and time again. Each piece will differ from the next as they are hand drawn and the motto of the brand is "Why settle for the same, when we are all different". A conversation starter and the perfect gift.
  • SomethingIndie is a handpicked selection of the best indie and independent brands out there and are always scouting for new talent. They are fasion savvy and though biased towards the love of indie brands, they have an eye for handmade items and home-based labels. "SomethingIndie is way more than your average online store..." - Wendy, founder of SomethingIndie
  • The Pretty Junk team have "blended, trended and defended the ‘vintage’ mould to highlight the splendour of personality". With intentions to adorn us in stylish rags, The Pretty Junk understand what's on trend, and with a catalogue as beautiful as theirs it's no wonder they can boast such high appraise.
  • SpyLoveBuy pride themselves on hunting out the latest footwear that should be in our closet. They even share tips and tricks and the latest fashion news so we don't miss out! Not only is there an experience to be had, but the prices will keep you coming back.
  • Reemami are a Dubai based fashion brand and describe themselves as being fabulous, flirty, funky, crazy, bold, daring, and sexy. We'll let you decide for yourselves.
  • Fazane is a new womens wear brand for those with a desire for "classic" clothing and accessories with a twist. Fazane design pieces that will sit comfortably in any womens wardrobe, but still wow the crowd.
  • The creation of timeless, everlasting pieces lies in the hands of Tamzin Lillywhite who strives to bring us bespoke hand-crafted pieces through the use of traditional saddlery techniques and the highest quality English leathers. The beautiful studding adds a tough edge to the creations, and is key for those with an eye for this trend.
  • From dawn to dusk, London based fashion designer Alexander Van Baalen lavishes women across with his womenswear label which hosts an array of exclusive prints and flattering cuts.
  • Scarlett Hearts are a small independent company running an online boutique of handmade jewellery and accessories. Which is a popular outlet for creativeness as of late, but it means each piece has been lovingly handmade to ensure the customer gets a growing jewellery collection and not an empty purse. Inspired by life around them, Scarlett Hearts want you to get the compliments you deserve. Go on, treat yourself!

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6. Fazane
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Fresh from university, Hadenough? Media are a small, dedicated team who are continuously looking to push forward and experience the finer things in life. With high ambitions they have experience catering for documentary, fashion and music. Most recently they have collaborated with Hanns Hair salons to bring a promotional video for the Hanns Rock catwalk show AND there were talks on the Twitter page TODAY of shooting with River Island PR for A La Male, a Men's Fashion & Lifestyle Portal.

Set on defining a style for themselves, Hadenough? Media are putting bigger and brighter plans in motion for the future to create more promotional fashion features, narrative shorts and documentaries.

Below, is a behind the scenes look at a shoot for the lifestyle brand WHYME? London, influenced by the ever-growing popularity of the fusion between street culture and fashion.


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Photographer Izack Morales
MUA / Hair Stylist Michelle Dacillo
Clothing Stylist Sian Miller
Set Designer Hatty Ellis-Coward
Male Models Jack (of AMCK), Jake (of Strike) and Joe (of unknown)
Female Models (Charlie Brogan of Nevs), Desiree (of First) and Nina (of Strike)

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The F*ck is Back

"Nightlife Culture: Day is Slavery, Night is Freedom"
The Fuck is Back belongs to party/street photographer, Tchane Okuyan.

The whole brand that is being created here is based around the notion of youth, a fitting spotlight considering the theme for our current issue (soon to be released). The concept of many of Tchane Okuyan's photographs is to capture the essence of the night-life in which out generation are actively seeking. His unique motivation is to push the limits of censorship; an idea that has long reigned true when Guy Bourdin wanted to shatter boundaries and question expections.

And like Nan Goldin, Tchane Okuyan enters the private lives of everybody he encounters; nothing is left unnoticed.

The whole site oozes a sense of longing, a longing that you can't quite put your finger on. We know the drill on how todays youth is hooked on binge drinking and partying all night but when you look at these photographs, it appears glamourous and endearing. You find yourself wanting to be where the subject is, experiencing everything the subject is experiencing.

The colours and harsh flash make for some interesting photographs, reminiscent of many an American Apparel ad campaign. The composition is also seemingly thought out, but probably quite natural in its being. One can begin to consider whether the subject(s) are playing for the camera, toying with our imagination, or simply placed in the threshold of a candid impromptu snap.

Though society has a hold on how we should live, only you can make it count. Youth is about living, about experiencing, and who's to say you can't do that?

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Behind the Scenes 14-05-12

"The theme is youth, focusing on an urban adolescence with an edgy vibe focusing on the devasting allure of cool"

A NOCTIS shoot earlier this week saw a typical English day. A day consisting of wind and rain, with an appearance from the sun as the day was drawing to a close.. but alas the shoot went on and below you can see a sneaky peak behind the scenes.


Words and photos by Jodie Shepherd

Photographer on the day: Alex James Hood
MUA: Charli Avery
Fashion Stylist: Rosie Williams
Hair Stylist: Micky Kastly
Models: Alice French of First Model Management and Hannah May of Nevs model management

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Don't waste your youth growing up

Innocence and experience.

The feeling of indulgence, the notion of nostalgia, the excitement of learning.

Emotions fly high when you experience something new for the first time - be it a gig, a festival, sex, anything. We all experience something new everyday. A new thought, a new feeling.

And it has come to attention in recent months that living for the moment is essential, capturing the essence of youth is essential. Don't waste your youth gowing up on account of what might be. On account of what other people think. You can't change anything anyway.

Collect moments not things.

If all else fails turn up the radio and throw every care out of the window.

The youth of today is the future. Let the "haters" be the ones who push your dreams further. Let the feeling at the bottom of your stomach determine how you live your life. Let the worn out shoes tell your story.

Words and photograph by Jodie Shepherd / fto see this post on the NOCTIS blog click here

Photographic happenings

A few months ago I was invited to a meeting with a small recording studio by a friend of mine to talk about some photographic opportunities. My natural instinct was of course to say yes. Why wouldn't I?

Upon arrival it quickly became clear that some miscommunication was involved and it turned out that the owners of the record label wanted me to photograph something they had planned on that very day! Talk about being thrown in at the deep end... I didn't even have my own camera on me; shocking I know as I do try to take it everywhere with me, in hindsight it probably would have been a good idea to take my camera to the meeting, but nevermind.

So, after speaking about the concept of the shoot and learning that the band the shoot was for was Wires Faulty I obliged. I have a long standing relationship with this band already as my boyfriend was a former bassist of theirs.

Considering that I hadn't used my own camera and felt under a considerable amount of pressure to do well, I apparently captured what the guys wanted perfectly. Which was an amazing feeling!

Below are the edits that the guys from the studio made, which I am relatively happy with (though I would have perhaps chosen a different photograph for the first image), nonetheless here they are and soon I shall post contact sheets, my edits and my favourite photographs from the day..