30-04-11: Wires Faulty

The Red Lion, Gravesend.

Wires Faulty at The Red Lion.
Of course, not everything is meant to  be, and this night proved that. Unfortunately things did not work in the favour of Wires Faulty at the second weekend-fest of April. Firstly, they were once again NOT playing on the same day as the rest of my favourite "local" talent, and after taking to the [outside] stage, Wires Faulty were not greeted by the same welcoming crowd that has been seen throughout previous shows.
Being a relatively cold day, an outside stage, and the day growing later, they seemed to have been cheated out of what could have been another good performance. Had it been raining or heavy winds, I could have let it pass that the crowd lacked support. The weather was bearable to a certain degree so there was no reason why the people "watching" could not have ventured forward a little further, and given the band a little more confidence.
Bands feel a great responsibility to deliver for their audience, it becomes quite difficult to do so when said audience do not return the favour.

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