Zebra Katz

From the darkness of the formidable New York underground, Zebra Katz makes his presence known. The Brooklyn rapper has made a name for himself and caused a thunderstorm with the release of the hypnotically sinister "IMA READ" which features Njena Reddd Foxx

Due for release of September 16th, "IMA READ" features remixes from Azaelia Banks, Gangsta Boo, I Am A Camera, and Ripley, amongst many others.

Inspired by Nina Simone, Andre 3000, James Blake and Missy Elliot, Zebra Katz is the creation of 25 year old, multi-disciplinary artist, Ojay Morgan. Here's his story.

Fresh to the scence, Zebra Katz has already taken hold of the fashion and hip hop world. With roots to a multimedia and performance art background, Zebra Katz brings a dark resonance to his rhymes, which are set over a minimal bea, free from burden and obligation.

If, like us, you're listening to "IMA READ" for the first time, you be anticipating the start of the music, four minutes later you'll have disregarded the music altogether. The track edges closer to a sense of repetition, but Zebra Katz's commanding tone leaves you unaware of anything else.

Having shared the stage with artists from Diplo to The Scissor sisters, this creation has formed a unique presence and signature within the industry; all this has made way for a live show not to be missed.

It seems that Zebra Katz's career is only going in one direction.

I’ve been making music for the last seven years" says Ojay Morgan, "but it really didn’t take off until the release of “Ima Read” on Jeffree. It’s always just been me making music for fun, as opposed to a professional career.”

It isn't only Rick Owens who have been quick to pick up on the NYC whirlwind, the rest of the fashion world have been quick to show their approval too, with writer and tastemaker, Derek Blasberg pinned as a fan. This is a high praise for an artist still working his day job [Morgan was managing his catering company at the time].

On a side note, this is not the first instance in which an artist has risen to fame on the coat tail of fashion. Lana Del Ray's "Video Games" was first heard at the showing of Christopher Kane's Spring/Summer collection of 2012, this instantly sent the singer to the top of the charts by the following month. Also in 2011, hip-hop starlet Azealia Banks was invited to perform at a celebratory dinner at the home of Karl Lagerfeld.

We can only speculate what is in store for Zebra Katz, for now here is the video to "IMA READ":

Words by Jodie Shepherd / to see this post on the NOCTIS blog click here

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