31-10-10: Wires Faulty

The Ivy Leaf Bar, Sheerness.

Wires Faultys new bass player.

Having only been in the band since mid-October, 2010, he is already making a mark, but is he set to stay? It would definately seem this way as he has already taken on managing the band, appointing myself as the "official photographer", and pushing them to do more gigs further afield.
He's now back where he belongs, after being in various bands before, namely Two Sticks and a Stone and most popularly on the music scene Silence Broken (who performed a one-off show since their departure from each other at Wires Faultys album launch in July 10).

Wires Faulty seem back on track with their new member, who, from my understanding was chosen on the basis of being a strong bass player.. full of energy and remembered for his live performances.
Though Chris has only been with the band for a short period of time, there is a noticeable bond within the group, which will inevitably being to make Wires Faultys performances tighter and more entertaining, drawing in a larger crowd each time.

As well as pushing the band further, he seems to be pushing himself to do better than he's done before. He discovered his wireless kit during his time with Silence Broken and has always strived to give the audience a show. A definate free spirited character.

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