Peace: "Music to Fuck you in the Heart"

Following in the footsteps of many, PEACE are the most recent ensemble to step out of Birmingham, UK.
Having gained interest in early 2012 from publication giants The Guardian and NME; PEACE have been compared to indie loves, The Maccabees, Foals and Vampire Weekend. They released their debut EP, "EP Delicious", through Columbia Records early in September 2012

Peace formed late 2011; in an interview with singer Harrison Koisser, it became clear the band was formed out of boredom and the name derived from inspiration found in a celebratory photograph from the end of World War Two. How patriotic. 
After the release of the first song, entitled "Bblood", the NME added PEACE to their list of bands to watch in 2012. We see no reason why this can't continue in 2013.. The ├╝ber cool quartet show no signs of wavering, and  are hailed as "the future of indie" by The Guardian. In April 2012 the band released their debut single "Follow Baby" and toured with the likes of Mystery Jets and The Vaccines.

December 10th saw the release of the music video for their latest single "Wraith", now available for download through itunes
Because we're kind to you, we're giving you easy access to not one, but three PEACE music videos ☮

Peace describe what they do as "dark melodicindie techno"
They're rock'rollers who like to grind, roll and smoke and, allegedly, fuck you in the heart with their music. We know this because they have a manifesto that reads: "MUSIC TO GRIND, ROLL & SMOKE/ MUSIC TO FUCK YOU IN THE HEART." - The Guardian


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