Reckless Love, Jettblack and The Mercy House: photos from 25-09-10

The Relentless Garage, Islington.

The Mercy House


Reckless Love

Shatterpoint: photos from 15-10-10

The Ivy Leaf Bar, Sheerness.

29-01-11: Wires Faulty

The Ivy Leaf Bar, Sheerness.

Wires Faulty at The Ivy Leaf Bar

Back playing in their hometown, where they are always welcomed. Though it was difficult to see how the guys of Wires Faulty were going to top the previous nights gig. But they did.. Or atleast matched it. The Ivy Leaf has recently acquired new monitors which gave the band a better sound.
This performance was fuelled by high energy, not just from the band but the crowd too.. The stage gives the band space to move.. which the bass player, Chris Redman-Holland always takes advantage of. The Ivy Leaf is almost like a comfort, they are used to playing there and until recently is where the majority of their gigs has been. Nonetheless, each performance keeps getting better..

28-01-11: Wires Faulty

The Red Lion, Gravesend.

Wires Faulty at The Red Lion

A Sick Promotions held event, complete with pole dancers, illusionists, a burlesque dancer, flame breathers and live music. What more could you ask for?? This has been one of Wires Faultys best performances to date. They certainly made an impact on the audience, and definately made some new fans, as well as captivating exisiting ones. The sound was right, the attitude was right, the energy was right. Though only their second performance of the year, 2011 should be a good year for Wires Faulty if they continue to perform like they did in Gravesend. Additional vocals on "Cause the Pain" from Dirty Vibes vocalist was definately an interesting move..
The staged was raised, so there was no doubt that those at the back would miss such an impressive performance. Lets hope that future gigs meet the standards that have now been set.

Wires Faulty - Hold Your Breath [individual track reviews]

Jealous Eyes
The opening track is quite a fitting one, it defines the bands sound. The vocals come through strong and the track as a whole is a 4minute piece of captivating song-writing. The distinctive vocals given by Antony Wood give the band an edgy feel.

Because of Me
Quite a softer follow-on.. Though equally as distinctive and captivating. Music gradually kicks in as the song develops (predominantly within the chorus). An original take on the music, though it feels like you've heard it before?

Faded Scars
Similar to the previous song, the familiarity is likeable; they are clearly comfortable with song-writing and playing their music.. Though notably the recording is nothing compared to their live performance. After the first few songs it is easy to hear that it is all about the music and creating a significant style, and it seems to be working for them...

Cause the Pain
The music is picking up again with the distinctive riffs that make you want to be part of the performance.. Additional vocals on the album give a different element.. it would be interesting to hear a recording without them though, and perhaps interesting to hear the additional vocals within a live show? A "catchy" tune, though the vocals aren't as piercing on the recording as they could be.

Last Chance
A stronger successor to the previous song. The impact of the song as a whole is more "hard-hitting". You can almost feel the energy.

Hit the Ground
There is a familiarity within this song that is likeable too. The bands influences are breaking through, making for a steady sound and progression. The intro and vocals are "grittier", but works in this instance. Overall, this song is also quite "catchy".. But it needs to have volume.. and heard live.

Crown of Thorns
Possibily a favourite? The first 30seconds are compelling enough. The band are proving to be comfortable with a range of styles, and in regards to songs like this, it's paying off.

Breathe Again
Much like many of the others, this song gets you moving and embodies the bands sound. Though I don't know if the recording is doing justice for the vocals. It seems to be missing an edge that some of the other songs have.

Wasting Away
As before, on recording, this song doesn't work as well as it could. Perhaps a personal opinion but nonetheless something is missing. There will always be things that work and don't work. It's only their first album, but from what I've heard they come back stronger on the next track.. There are effective parts of this track, but I don't know if it is strong enough to stand on its own?

Dog Eat Dog
This song is heavier (but not too heavy). The right balance for the band. Always a favourite live, and the band have proved themselves with this song. The sound is raw and edgy, and could set the benchmark for where the band want to go with their music. The energy is compelling and a good comeback from the last couple of songs.

After The Beacon Court show. 20-01-11

20-01-11: Wires Faulty

The Beacon Court, Gillingham.

Wires Faulty at The Beacon Court, Gillingham

The crowd drawn in at this show did not show as much enthusiasm as crowds at other venues often do.. This meant that unfortunately the band did not give as much energy as they usually do, however they still performed well and had a clean sound. Their performance at The Beacon Court landed them an offer for another gig, (dates yet to be confirmed).