28-01-11: Wires Faulty

The Red Lion, Gravesend.

Wires Faulty at The Red Lion

A Sick Promotions held event, complete with pole dancers, illusionists, a burlesque dancer, flame breathers and live music. What more could you ask for?? This has been one of Wires Faultys best performances to date. They certainly made an impact on the audience, and definately made some new fans, as well as captivating exisiting ones. The sound was right, the attitude was right, the energy was right. Though only their second performance of the year, 2011 should be a good year for Wires Faulty if they continue to perform like they did in Gravesend. Additional vocals on "Cause the Pain" from Dirty Vibes vocalist was definately an interesting move..
The staged was raised, so there was no doubt that those at the back would miss such an impressive performance. Lets hope that future gigs meet the standards that have now been set.

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