Dirty Vibes - Black Habit [individual track reviews]

Hit the Bottle
An opening taster to the sound Dirty Vibes have. With the playful riffs and the refreshement of such striking female
vocals, you know you're in for a treat.

Don't Listen to the Hypocrite
"Don't Listen to the Hypocrite", something we all tell ourselves right? After some reading, this song is about drugs. My favourite part of the song being the chorus, "As I swore that I’d keep away, I’ve become the new hypocrite of the day. Who am I to preach what to be, when even I wouldn’t listen to me". The vocalist herself considers it one of her best works, and what I like about this song, is that lyrically it is very clever; the song has a kick to it and adds a different perspective on such a topic.

Black Habit
Possibly my favourite track? There is a "sexy" vibe to the whole song, vocals, guitar, bass, drums, the lot. The way they come together drew me in right from the start. For me, this is probably one of the best works I have heard Dirty Vibes produce. Simply fallen in love. Fact.

Lucy Fur
This song reminds me why I love female vocalists. The likes of Janet Gardner, Ann Wilson and Lita Ford spring to mind. A sex appeal matched by no other. Kt-Jo's alluring "Did you get what you want?" drew me in, and if I didn't have a camera in my hands at gigs, this song would definately get me moving, as the guitar riffs and bass notes are beautifully combined with the drum beat that holds it all together.

In Nirvana
A different style of song now, but equally compelling. I have noticed that more often than not bands have that one "ballad", so to speak. Not that it was a bad choice. This song is familiar to me, perhaps a Courtney Love track? The solo about 2minutes into the track is wonderful, and [like Wires Faulty and Shatterpoint, shall we say] there is no reason why new talent shouldn't be able to express their "other side".

Why I Am
Dirty Vibes have something good going for themselves. There's not much more that can be said really.

Dirty Vibes - Black Habit

Track Listing:

Hit the Bottle
Don't Listen to the Hypocrite
Black Habit
Lucy Fur
In Nirvana
Why I Am

I found myself betraying the world of tapes and cds to get hold of a copy of this ep. I downloaded itunes and thus downloaded Black Habit as I simply couldn't wait for a hard copy. And quite frankly, I wouldn't have done it for a better ep. Lasting about 20minutes Black Habit is fuelled by the influence of 80s rock n roll. A band of, and I quote, 4 dudes and a chick, Dirty Vibes do what they say; with vocals reminiscent of an early Ann Wilson on Heart's "Barracuda" and riffs so catchy you'll be drooling for more.
A selection of photographs from an acoustic session I sat in on.

The above photographs, as mentioned, are a selection from the jam in which I attended. This jam took place between Wires Faulty's vocalist/guitarist and bassist. They have recently embarked on an acoustic project after Chris (bassist) received an acoustic bass as an early birthday present. He had requested this, after seeing it on sale in the studio in which they perform.
It was interesting to hear a different side to Wires Faulty, or atleast half of them. And it seems to be coming along nicely. I decided to ask if I could attend as for my Visual Narrative project I was interested in showing bands at things like practices, or personal jams, or even when they are just "hanging out".
I have not finished scanning in all of my negatives, and some I am not too fond off, but I am never going to like every photograph I take, however I can imagine there to be some beautiful images, such as the last one shown above. I used extremely cheap 35mm Kodak colour film, with a Praktica camera which I am currently borrowing from Chris, as mine needs looking over, there are some mechanisms in which do not work in my Zenit. However next time I may use the Olympus 35mm camera I was given from my mother's nan.
But moving on I hope to photograph more of these jams, as well as band practices and occassions where they are out together, so perhaps as seen in my previous blog post, or before and after gigs.

[Inspired by the photographs of the likes of Ross Halfin and Neil 'Zloz' Zlozower].

23-03-11: "Out with the boys"

In all fairness these photographs were just a bit of fun from yesterdays outing with Chris, Ed and then when Mark arrived after work. It has literally just struck me, that these guys are in bands, and my next university project hopes to focus on "bands behind the scenes" or some nonsense, the guys in situations where they are just hanging out, or jamming. Anything that does not require a specific stage presence. I find that sometimes these are the most interesting photographs as they show a different connection, a bond, between the people in question. Over the past two days it has also been amusing to hear them pick fun at each other and the things they do. Obviously sometimes there is a time and a place where the camera isn't necessarily welcomed (i.e.: a dispute or such, as of yet I have not encountered this), but perhaps these would make for interesting photographs too.

Photos from Chris and Ant's jam to follow.

[Mobile Uploads] from 13-11-07: Skid Row w/ Sign

The Mean Fiddler, Astoria 2, London.


Skid Row

 Skid Row at The Mean Fiddler

Back when the Astoria was there, this is the first gig my dad took me too. I realise the quality of these pictures are not to the standard some people may expect [no names mentioned], but I still quite like these photos, and the atmosphere that went with them. There is a sentimental value. I got right to the front, with my dad, after painstakingly waiting for two girls to move; And I got chosen by the man himself, and given the guitar pick Scotti Hills played with all night, which I obviously still have. It was a shame there was no Sebastian Bach or Dave "Snake" Sabo. Bach is no longer with Skid Row, he hasn't been for a while, and Sabo had been arrested the night before this gig. Nonetheless it is a gig I remember, and will remember for a long time.

19-03-11: Wires Faulty

The Red Lion, Gravesend.


Wires Faulty at The Red Lion

I would just like to start by saying that despite the opinion of Wires Faulty's bass player, he did not play "sh*t". Yes he had complications with his wireless, which you could tell affected him, but he worked through it, and though he had to opt out of the wireless, Chris, and the whole band, kept it together. Which to me, shows a determination and drive not to give up. Their performance last night did not lessen my views on their capability. All bands will face various issues at some  or another. (One of the bands last night had kit stolen the day or so before this gig). So they still played well.
WF ended their set with Dog Eat Dog, as opposed to the called for, "Breathe Again". Both could work well in ending a set, but Dog Eat Dog often wins with the edgier feel it provides on stage.

19-03-11: Dirty Vibes

The Red Lion, Gravesend.

Dirty Vibes at The Red Lion

Female fronted, and with a good sound. Aptly named, "Dirty Vibes" is definately something they give off, they've got that rock n roll feel to them. It's very rare I get to photograph a band with a female vocalist, and it is always interesting to see whether there are both similarities and differences in their stage presence. More often than not there is, but vocalist KT-Jo has got it, she knows how to interact with the rest of her band, and at a Sick Promotions gig, the eyes are on her.
Dirty Vibes are influenced by everything I love; there is something familiar, yet fresh with their sound.
There seemed to be slight issues with sound as at times the vocals weren't coming through loud enough, even though she was putting a lot into it; but even considering this, they all performed well and I look forward to seeing them play again soon.