23-03-11: "Out with the boys"

In all fairness these photographs were just a bit of fun from yesterdays outing with Chris, Ed and then when Mark arrived after work. It has literally just struck me, that these guys are in bands, and my next university project hopes to focus on "bands behind the scenes" or some nonsense, the guys in situations where they are just hanging out, or jamming. Anything that does not require a specific stage presence. I find that sometimes these are the most interesting photographs as they show a different connection, a bond, between the people in question. Over the past two days it has also been amusing to hear them pick fun at each other and the things they do. Obviously sometimes there is a time and a place where the camera isn't necessarily welcomed (i.e.: a dispute or such, as of yet I have not encountered this), but perhaps these would make for interesting photographs too.

Photos from Chris and Ant's jam to follow.

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