04-03-11: Wires Faulty

The Ivy Leaf Bar, Sheerness.

Wires Faulty at The Ivy Leaf Bar

This was almost the best set I've seen Wires Faulty play, with an appearance on "Dog Eat Dog" from Shatterpoint's vocalist and guitarist. As usual the guys were full of energy and drew the crowd closer to the stage. After talking to a couple of the crowd, they could watch Wires Faulty play for hours. The vocals provided by Ed on "Dog Eat Dog" gave a different style to the song, this is not saying I don't like it usually as I feel it is one of their stronger numbers, however Ed's way of singing is as captivating as Wires Faulty's Antony Wood. (Mark contributed but said to me he did not remember the words, but it was refreshing and enjoyable to see two bands enjoying each others company).
I feel what let this gig down was members of the audience getting onto the stage during the last track, this was fun the first few times, but now it is getting a bit old. Resulting in Chris, WF bass player, walking off the stage and playing in the audience. I'm sure he's glad he bought that wireless kit now.

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