06-03-11: Left of the Right Side

The Wharf, Tonbridge.

Left of the Right Side at The Wharf

Resident band at The Wharf.. And it would seem this benefits them, they are comfortable in their "home". With friendly gestures from the audience and the request for them to play an encore when their set had finished. Unfortunately they had run out of songs so they played one they had already played previously. It is always interesting to see bands play where they play the most, they seem to have a sense of comfort that the crowd will welcome them.
The thing I find interesting with Left of the Right Side, and the thing I thought I wouldn't necessarily like, is the way they have various styles and influences breaking through into their music. But it makes them who they are as a band. LotRS have a likeability, not just as a band but as individuals, open for a laugh with the other bands. Lets hope this attitude stays.

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