A selection of photographs from an acoustic session I sat in on.

The above photographs, as mentioned, are a selection from the jam in which I attended. This jam took place between Wires Faulty's vocalist/guitarist and bassist. They have recently embarked on an acoustic project after Chris (bassist) received an acoustic bass as an early birthday present. He had requested this, after seeing it on sale in the studio in which they perform.
It was interesting to hear a different side to Wires Faulty, or atleast half of them. And it seems to be coming along nicely. I decided to ask if I could attend as for my Visual Narrative project I was interested in showing bands at things like practices, or personal jams, or even when they are just "hanging out".
I have not finished scanning in all of my negatives, and some I am not too fond off, but I am never going to like every photograph I take, however I can imagine there to be some beautiful images, such as the last one shown above. I used extremely cheap 35mm Kodak colour film, with a Praktica camera which I am currently borrowing from Chris, as mine needs looking over, there are some mechanisms in which do not work in my Zenit. However next time I may use the Olympus 35mm camera I was given from my mother's nan.
But moving on I hope to photograph more of these jams, as well as band practices and occassions where they are out together, so perhaps as seen in my previous blog post, or before and after gigs.

[Inspired by the photographs of the likes of Ross Halfin and Neil 'Zloz' Zlozower].

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