BlackWater Revue

The formerly known Shatterpoint are back. 

They are back as BlackWater Revue; the four-piece from Kent with a heavy blues/hard rock sound. Influenced by everything from Jim Morrison and the allure of The Doors, the innovation of Led Zeppelin to even the sludge of Black Label Society, BlackWater Revue say they have got to be heard. Writing songs based on life experiences, they have a genuine feel. They have an honesty about them and the "wealth of musical material" that is at their disposal transcends into something vastly creative and entertaining.

As with any new start, it's a slow progress, but with more gigs, more songs and more fans as the weeks go by, BlackWater Revue are heading in the right direction. With an exclusive look at some 35mm studio shots, I spoke to front-man, Ed Stone, and drummer, Tom Harrison.

So, where did the name BlackWater Revue come from?

Tom Harrison: I'm not too sure how we finally decided on this name, it seemed to have been mentioned as an idea and it kind of just stuck

Ed Stone: Well, after hours of coming up with new names, the boys arrived at "Blackened Waters" - I turned around and said, "What about BlackWater Revue?". I liked the idea of travelling sideshows and saw it as a sort of statement of intent. We want to take our "show" all over. The boys liked it and here we are [laughs].

How has the "new name, new start" ethos been working out so far then?

ES: On one hand it has been really refreshing to write new material with a different approach to sound, seeing our old fans enjoy the new material, and open ourselves up to a wider audience. But on the other hand, it has become more of a slow-burner than a supernova as we all have other commitments that we must try to honour first. When that is all aside, there will be no stopping us.
Vocalist, Ed Stone

Guitarist, Mark Graham

What are your plans for this year, both as a band and individually?

TH: This year we plan to gig as much as possible so we can promote the new name and our new tracks; hopefully with a summer tour? And of course get a debut EP out there there we can think about an album

ES: As a band we want to get our new songs recorded, release an EP at some point and to tour or get involved with some kind of festival. Personally, as I said before, it's shaping up to be an eventful year. My passion outside of the band is Art and Design. I've got a degree in Graphic Design and Visual Communication but I'm working full time as a chef. The hours are long, late and debilitating which is creatively stifling, although I do sneak the odd writing session in on my breakfast shifts. To become a full time artist/designer by day and front man by night is the time.

Drummer, Tom Harrison

Bassist, Joe Green

Where do you feel your creative inspiration comes from?

TH: Drum and bass to blues, any sort of beat can kick start an idea. 

ES: It comes at the most unsociable of hours. Fortunately, I keep a notebook on me most of the time or I use my phone. I'd say I'm inspired by my friends & family, loved ones & lost ones and the music I both love and hate.

How do you set out to write new material?

ES: Generally we fit the songs together like a puzzle. It often starts with me coming into practice with a vocal hook or Mark [Graham, guitarist] with a riff or a melody. Then it evolves and we work with it until we're happy. We bounce off of each other.

TH: Yeah, we have always been able to write songs with the same amount of effort as it takes to write your name! I believe it comes naturally to us, it always has. There has never been a set plan on how to write a BlackWater Revue song.

What has been the defining point of being in a band for you?

TH: Recording the album and getting it printed has to be the major defining highlight for me in the band. To have a physical copy of your own efforts is brilliant!

ES: While it's still early days for the Revue, the highlight overall has to be shooting the music video for "Trainwreck", we shot it all in one day and it still looks awesome. Jim Cross did a fantastic job and the rest of the crew were brilliant, you can watch it here:

Are you working on anything at the moment?

TH: We have just finished writing a song at our last band practice, just a bit of touching up and then onto the next one.

Could you describe a typical BlackWater Revue band practice?

ES: We rehearse, we work on new songs, the we piss about. It's supposed to be a laugh after all. I just feel bad for Joe [Green, bassist] sometimes, the things he has to put up with!

TH: Essentially it's 30 minutes practice, 30 minutes insulting one and other, and then 2 hours messing about.

Keeping the "new name, new start" ethos in mind, are you heading in a new direction musically?

TH: We're heading into a more rockier, bluesy feel compared to Shatterpoint, which had elements of metal throughout.

ES: Well yeah, I'd say we are. The vibe is a lot more positive now. It's more about having a good time and I'd say there is a lot more soul to the sound. We still haven't had that eureka moment where we think "YES! That's how we should sound!" It's fun to not be pigeon holed into one thing, it could end up getting a little stale. At the moment you can hear instances of post-rock, soul, the blues and then we'll hit you with a straight up classic rock groove. It's becoming a real good-time sound. 

It's sounding like you know what you want, so finally, describe the band in five words.

ES: I'll be cheeky and say, REAL MUSIC WORTH LISTENING TO.

TH: Large Big Tasty With Bacon.

A lovely choice of words from Tom Harrison, we wouldn't expect anything less.

BlackWater Revue are set on broadening their horizons and seeing what life brings to the table, and that's a fine moral to live by. Digital photographs from the BlackWater Revue studio shoot will be made public soon, and you can see behind the scenes here, you can also keep up with the band via their website.

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