06-03-11: Shatterpoint

The Wharf, Tonbridge.

Shatterpoint at The Wharf

Although I got kicked in the face during this set it was another good gig for Shatterpoint, though guitarist Mark Graham had complications with his amp and therefore wasn't as into it as he usually is.. This does come through in his expressions within the photographs, but in regards to this he stuck it out to finish the whole set with new faces really getting into the vibe. Always starting with a bluesy number, I feel this draws the crowd in, there's a gradual build up for what they are about to get.
At their last gig, two days prior to this, Chris from Wires Faulty filled in on the bass. But this time Sandy returned, and while Chris did a brilliant job its good to see Sandy back as he enjoys doing what he's doing just as much as Chris does.

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