06-03-11: Wires Faulty

The Wharf, Tonbridge.

Wires Faulty at The Wharf

So I got told by somebody at uni I shouldn't use flash for my band photographs, and that this is the thing that defines an amateur.. Or something or other. To be honest, I photograph for myself, and if this is how I want them to look then that is how they will look. So for the entire night of this gig, I experimented with different exposure times, adjusting the zoom while the exposure was still running, angles etc.. but all with the flash. I quite like the effects, and its something a little bit different..
But anyway lets talk about Wires Faulty. They are a band who enjoy what they are doing and give a lot of energy despite stage size. I like trying to capture their energy and find that the motion blur reflects this. They always play well and get a good response from the crowd. Sometimes there is more interaction with each other depending on the venue, but I place this down to the limitations of movement.. But this doesn't stop them. I doubt there's a lot that will.

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