19-03-11: Dirty Vibes

The Red Lion, Gravesend.

Dirty Vibes at The Red Lion

Female fronted, and with a good sound. Aptly named, "Dirty Vibes" is definately something they give off, they've got that rock n roll feel to them. It's very rare I get to photograph a band with a female vocalist, and it is always interesting to see whether there are both similarities and differences in their stage presence. More often than not there is, but vocalist KT-Jo has got it, she knows how to interact with the rest of her band, and at a Sick Promotions gig, the eyes are on her.
Dirty Vibes are influenced by everything I love; there is something familiar, yet fresh with their sound.
There seemed to be slight issues with sound as at times the vocals weren't coming through loud enough, even though she was putting a lot into it; but even considering this, they all performed well and I look forward to seeing them play again soon.

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