10-06-11: The Devil's Prefects

The Style & Winch, Maidstone.

The Devil's Prefects at The Style & Winch

The first band to grace us with their presence was a country duo from Texas named, The Devil’s Prefects. “They play songs, and they like Smokey and the Bandit a whole lot”. Though many anecdotes from the duo were in their own words, not funny but informative, The Devil’s Prefects had a sense of achievement and pride when it came to light that Willy “The Fury” Ford has previously played with the likes of Dolly Parton [and notable others which appear to have been forgotten at this point].
They had every ounce of humour you could ask for from a country band, and much of this came from the lyrical content; the humorous vibe worked in their favour and they had everyone singing along regardless of whether they had been to a Devil’s Prefects show before or not. If I recall correctly they would not stop playing until they had everybody singing along, but I could be making this up. Johnny “Country” Crow also informed said crowd that only in England is the response to the song “Knock” an exceptional one, and for unknown reasons. I think I’ll let you make your own decision on this one; the chorus went something like this...
“I’m gonna knock one out for Jesus, I’m gonna knock one out for the Lord, I’m gonna knock one out for Jesus, and when I get to Heaven I’ll see how well I’ve scored.”

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