Don't waste your youth growing up

Innocence and experience.

The feeling of indulgence, the notion of nostalgia, the excitement of learning.

Emotions fly high when you experience something new for the first time - be it a gig, a festival, sex, anything. We all experience something new everyday. A new thought, a new feeling.

And it has come to attention in recent months that living for the moment is essential, capturing the essence of youth is essential. Don't waste your youth gowing up on account of what might be. On account of what other people think. You can't change anything anyway.

Collect moments not things.

If all else fails turn up the radio and throw every care out of the window.

The youth of today is the future. Let the "haters" be the ones who push your dreams further. Let the feeling at the bottom of your stomach determine how you live your life. Let the worn out shoes tell your story.

Words and photograph by Jodie Shepherd / fto see this post on the NOCTIS blog click here

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