The F*ck is Back

"Nightlife Culture: Day is Slavery, Night is Freedom"
The Fuck is Back belongs to party/street photographer, Tchane Okuyan.

The whole brand that is being created here is based around the notion of youth, a fitting spotlight considering the theme for our current issue (soon to be released). The concept of many of Tchane Okuyan's photographs is to capture the essence of the night-life in which out generation are actively seeking. His unique motivation is to push the limits of censorship; an idea that has long reigned true when Guy Bourdin wanted to shatter boundaries and question expections.

And like Nan Goldin, Tchane Okuyan enters the private lives of everybody he encounters; nothing is left unnoticed.

The whole site oozes a sense of longing, a longing that you can't quite put your finger on. We know the drill on how todays youth is hooked on binge drinking and partying all night but when you look at these photographs, it appears glamourous and endearing. You find yourself wanting to be where the subject is, experiencing everything the subject is experiencing.

The colours and harsh flash make for some interesting photographs, reminiscent of many an American Apparel ad campaign. The composition is also seemingly thought out, but probably quite natural in its being. One can begin to consider whether the subject(s) are playing for the camera, toying with our imagination, or simply placed in the threshold of a candid impromptu snap.

Though society has a hold on how we should live, only you can make it count. Youth is about living, about experiencing, and who's to say you can't do that?

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Words by Jodie Shepherd / to see this post on the NOCTIS blog click here

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