Shatterpoint - Memoirs of a Maker [individual track reviews]

Blue Heart
I'm going to be honest, I REALLY like this track, there is a rustic feel to the bluesy vibe, and as mentioned before this is the opening track for Shatterpoints gigs, which as I have pointed out builds a suspense for what the audience is going to get next, and more often that not. It isn't what you expect.

Devil of the Moment
Here is the real introduction to Shatterpoint's sound. You can already hear the influences breaking through, in all aspects. With lines such as "I'll be your devil of the moment", the band are staying true to their description of themselves. They are "the band that'll beat your hangover into bloody submission".

For me, this song sounds better loud and live. Everything on this track sounds "dirtier" live, and for me this is what it needs. Although the recorded version reflects this, some songs need a stage and a sweaty crowd.

Dance in the Dirt
The interesting trait of this song, and the one that is reminiscent of many songs, is the [ever so-dramatic] pause at the end of selected lines. But it works, it always has and probably always will. It gives the song something extra, that it might not have had were the "pauses" taken out.

A 60second progression to "Dance in the Dirt" that says nothing but Motherf***er.

Hecate's Lake
Starting with stormy sounds is a suggestion to the way things are not always what they seem. One minute Shatterpoint are back to a seemingly bluesy influence, with a heavier feel compared to the beginning, and then we are given breakthroughs to the influences of the likes of Clutch and Pantera. And 5minutes into the song we are fed with a wonderfully repetitive yet intricate approach to playing.

Purge and Redeem
There is a familiarity within this song; But as said with the Wires Faulty tracks, it is not a bad thing. Not this time. Being a new track to the Shatterpoint playlist, it sits nicely on the album. It is refreshing to find new bands trying to capture old sounds, but with their own twist. This is what Shatterpoint, like many others, are doing.

Heavy Days
After complications with headphones, I can now hear the lyrical content to this song. But I must say, it isn't too bad without it. The vocals on this track are "gripping" and gives an edge to the riffs and the drum beats. However, I did find myself wanting something more from this track, perhaps this goes back to the need for it to be loud and live, as I found with "Slug".

I haven't been able to decide on what I think about the recorded version of this song. The bass and guitar come through nicely, though I find Ed's vocals to be [ordinarily] more compelling. Even when volume is added throughout the song, it is still no match to some of the other songs. A personal opinion yes, becuse it is still a good song; just for me the vocals are missing an edge some of the other tracks have. I may just be being picky as I have had the album on repeat for a while now.

Moving on, this is always a favourite live, and definitely on the album too. After first listen, there is (I admit) not a lot of difference in the vocal style of this song and the last but this track appeals to me more. I find this to be the track that captivates the audience and gets them moving. One of the notable tracks that people can sing along too. With its deeper meaning, it is something that everybody can relate to. Not all songs have to be completely relatable to be successful, but sometimes it helps. It touches home and acts as a sense of relief. The way song writing is amongst the greats.

Heart on my Sleeve
Distinct Shatterpoint style? Yes.

Falling Away
Knowing the underlying story to this song draws me in further than it initially did. I really like the subtle tones that open this track, you can feel the emotion and there is a clear connection. No distractions. Half way through this track, the pace picks up, but continues with what I shall call an "emotive connection". For me this even comes across in the instrumental features. A beautiful way to end the album.

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