03-03-11: Generation Graveyard

The Purple Turtle, Camden.

Generation Graveyard at The Purple Turtle

Before watching Generation Graveyard play, I have to admit I was a little apprehensive. After listening to them on Youtube/Myspace I knew it wasn't my kind of thing.. But seeing them live, they surprised me. They sounded better, and the more the set progressed, the more I found myself enjoying it. I guess it's never easy being the first band on a set, and I found them to get a little frustrated with this, but even considering this they played well and there were those that were getting really into the set. The energy from the band came across, even resulting in a guitar being broken at the end; their style is dark and gritty, and it works, I don't know if I'm converted to the Death Punk scene but they definately have an attitude and drive that you can't ignore.

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