08-04-11: Shatterpoint

The Attic, Canterbury.

Shatterpoint at The Attic

A recently installed barrier at The Attic, Kent Uni's student bar, created a slight overkill for the enjoyment of the bands playing. Though I'm sure there were good intentions.. Shatterpoint's performance was not too disappointing, though the sound was not as good as it could have been, particularly the vocals. Thanks go out to KentRockSoc for that. The vocals provided by Ed Stone, are ordinarily captivating, though something was lacking this time, and through no fault of Shatterpoint; it was commented on by many. In all honesty, there was a better sound during the bands soundcheck, when everything, even the vocals could be heard from outside; this was inevitably our cue to venture inside. Of course, I enjoy being around and watching Shatterpoint, they are good friends of mine.. even if there is a referral to the crowd being "c***s".. Lovely.. And the offer of a sweaty hug from drummer, Tom Harrison, no thanks.

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