Some more photos from the acoustic sessions.

So, I haven't got round to scanning in all my negatives just yet, I am going to set myself a whole day when I go back to uni after Easter to do this. I also hope to print my final images in the darkroom, as I feel this reflects the inspiration I have. Scanning negative is an easy way of sharing, but for me I want to give something extra to the images rather than just pressing a few buttons.. I want to put time into them. So hopefully this aspect goes to plan. I have made contact sheets which is starting to make the editing process easier, but I still want to shoot some more, taking into considerations what was spoken about in my tutorial. Constructive criticism I think its called? Anyway, its good to know that I am on the right direction with my project and it is being well recieved. I like that the quality of these photographs isn't entirely refined, there is a vintage feel to their aesthetic. Of course, I need to show that I can take a photograph, but I also want to show that I can convey a story through my photographs.. But this is something that will become more apparent with the final selection for my series.

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