08-04-11: Black Sun Down

The Attic, Canterbury.

Black Sun Down at The Attic

"...Some more Hendrix, because that's what we do..." So initial thoughts are that Black Sun Down are a covers band? This was realised throughout the setlist, featuring the likes of ZZ Tops "Sharp Dressed Man", both Jimi Hendrix's "All Along the Watchtower" and "Foxy Lady" and Slash's "Cali" featuring Alter Bridge's Myles Kennedy. A brave choice, as Kennedy not only nailed his own vocals, but Axl Rose's in his performance alongside Slash at Download '10. Unfortunately, I could not hear the vocals dreadfully well so it is hard to comment on well each song was performed. More vocals were asked for repeatedly, but nothing seemed to change through the monitors. The band have a heavy enough edge to their performance to break part of the drum kit, and the crowd seemed to enjoy what they were doing. No disservice to the band themselves as they have a likeable feel to them and were second to perform, but the quality of sound could have been better in order to give the much needed power to engage an audience fully.

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