"Into the garden we play"

In July, 2012, I assisted Leoni Blue, a talented fashion photographer and editor-in-chief of NOCTIS Magazine on her shoot in Cuffley, Herts. It has only been recently I have scanned in the behind the scenes photographs that I personally took on my point and shoot camera, because I had for some time misplaced the rolls of 35mm I took on the day.

Professional I know. 

Nonetheless, I still wanted to share the experience and from where I live, the travel time to Cuffley [on a number of trains] is about 2hours and 2minutes... providing you know where you are going. 

When I eventually arrived in Cuffley [on my own], it started to rain. Hard. 

After being close to tears about being lost I stumbled across a post-man; finally someone I could ask for directions! He explained to me that I was heading in the right direction BUT on foot, like I was, it would take at least another hour. This was time I didn't have and time I didn't want to spend in the torrential downpour. 

He offered me a lift as he was heading that way, and though dubious at first, I accepted. 

Cuffley is a beautiful location and the kind postman gave me a narrated tour of the road; it was a very wealthy area with many a footballer taking up residence there. The house opposite where I was headed housed Myleene Klass. 

Here are some of the frames I took. 

Below is the final outcome by Leoni Blue; the shoot was published as a webitorial on the NOCTIS Magazine website

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