17-05-11: Wires Faulty

o2 academy, Islington.

Wires Faulty at The Islington o2 academy.

Unsigned talent takes to the big stage.
Now when I say a big stage, I don’t exactly mean a stage on par with Brixton or Hammersmith, more so big in the sense, that is was the o2 academy. Though the Islington branch, and the second stage; it was certainly no bigger than the Ivy Leaf in Sheerness, but with the determination to impress new faces, Wires Faulty gave it their all.
Initially, I had wanted to photograph the entirety of the night and had to check with the promoter that they were cool with it. They did not get back to me; and when I arrived early Tuesday evening, it was only “ok to photograph Wires Faulty”, taking personal relationships into consideration.
Still, I guess it could have been worse. Wires Faulty could have performed horribly, but needless to say they did not. They had a clean sound, a lot of energy, and despite limited space, bassist Chris Redman-Holland never ceases to find the need to jump at the pinnacle of “Poison Tongue”.
The Sheerness foursome are making leaps and bounds with their small steps in the right direction, having recently landed a stop for an interview with “Jaspa Mtm Rock Show”; a small radio station focusing on unsigned artists; And with a headlining spot coming up in Gravesend, a spout in Camden in June and recognition from new faces, WF are slowly but surely enticing the ears of the public.

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