14-05-11: Wires Faulty

The Oast House, Rainham.

Wires Faulty at The Oast House

A celebratory performance all round, being that the bassist recently turned 21. Or 1452 if you ask Dirty vibes guitarist, Sean Caney. The band enjoyed the largest crowd the Oast House had seen in a VERY long time, and the energy was realised by everyone. It was refreshing to see that it was not just bands watching bands. Bassist, Chris Redman-Holland did forgot his beloved wireless kit and this made for limited movement, as I was convinced he'd trip over the borrowed cables at some point, but fortunately this was proved wrong and he still gave a high energy performance. Enjoying the free drinks too I imagine. It was also quite nice to finally get some decent photographs of the drummer too, who looking through my photos does like to destroy a drumstick or two. Next on the Wires Faulty calender: Islington o2 academy.


  1. Love the band photography looks sick


  2. Thank you very much :) Some of your stuff looks great :). Gonna have a proper look later.