10-06-11: Howl on Vinyl

The Style & Winch, Maidstone.

Howl on Vinyl at The Style & Winch

It would be about 11pm when Howl on Vinyl finally took to the floor, and they were received extremely well; a refreshing successor to the earlier band. Howl on Vinyl are a three piece bluesy rock band, with a dirty edge; and a female drummer. Howl on Vinyl had a clean sound and a great energy, with Jade Wilson thrilling to watch creating a perfect photo opportunity with every beat of the drum.
There was a slight technical slip about half way through the set, which could have been disheartening, but it was dealt with quickly and with no fuss. With an almost unpredictable, but catchy vibe, Howl on Vinyl are set for great things, and though the crowd didn’t always respond, they came through in the end.
Two words to sum up Howl on Vinyl. Dedicated and exciting.

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