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Founded in 2007, Hottwerk is a forward thinking music company specialising in electronic dance music and independent music across the entire electronic spectrum. They operate as a record label, music publisher and PR company.
Recently, we heard news they are set to record ​the stunning new Little Penguin album "Chromosphere". Already, it has racked up reviews from some acclaimed sources.

“Refreshingly different! Will sound great in the car for those long drives home...”Fatboy Slim
“Nice mood setters”Dave Seaman
“Nice album”Nico de Ceglia
“Absolutely wicked”Rattus Rattus

The release date is set for Monday 15th October, two weeks from now, and will be​ in the format of a digital download album but you can get an exclusive listen here

"Chromosphere" marks Hottwerk Records' first real venture into the "wild blue yonder of gorgeous experimental electronica". A far cry from the calls of the dance-floor. The debut album from the sublime genius, Little Penguin, allows us to take a glimpse into a world of technicoloured dreams.

Bittersweet textures are carved, and alienation is distilled amongst human warmth which in turn transcends into the seven tracks that form his album. Following experimentation through soundscapes, noise and drone, you can hear his subverted attempts to try and write nice songs. Nice songs which have been hailed as poetry of pure emotion

But, contrary to what the name suggests, he isn't particularly fussed about Penguins.

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