08-02-11: Angry Vs. The Bear

Tap N Tin, Chatham.

Angry Vs. The Bear at Tap n Tin

As much as I love photographing the bands I have been photographing so far, it was exciting to be asked to do something a little bit different..  Angry Vs. The Bear played for the Fashion Promotion Unofficial Afterparty, and though I do not ordinarily listen to music like they play, they have a good sound, a distinctive style, and it was interesting to photograph a band fronted by a female vocalist. Angry Vs. The Bear have been played on Radio 1, and supported the likes of Florence and the Machine.. this was daunting enough in itself, but the band were nice and had a charming presence. They have potential to go further with their likeabilty and individuality. I found that as the set progressed, the crowd dwindled; which was disappointing. I get the impression that Angry Vs. The Bear have a strong following, so if one gig doesn't completely work out, another will. I genuinely enjoyed this set, so I may now be partial to listening to music that has a quirky edge to it. 

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