02-02-11: Shatterpoint

The Attic, Canterbury.

Shatterpoint at The Attic

Its been a while since I've seen Shatterpoint play.. And this time bass player, Sandy Wardrop, had an interesting outfit choice after arriving from a drama related event, but once they start playing Shatterpoint can wear whatever they like.. Describing themselves as "bringing the genre of metal back to it bluesy, boozy roots, pouring out grizzly, testosterone filled tunes thickly coated in slick groove".
The influences break through with Pantera-loving guitarist, Mark Graham channelling his energy into his sound, aided by the distinctive vocals of Ed Stone and the drumming of Tom Harrison. Despite the small crowd, these guys aim to please.. even through improvising a song on the spot, and starting with a bluesy number. Shatterpoint should know they've got something good going.


  1. ooh first time comment on this thing... I agree with Mark, awesome photos Jodie! Thankyou very much :) And such kind words!! You honour us. Let us know if you two can make it on tuesday (I remember a prior obligation) If you can make it however, we'll sort you out with free entry. All the best
    Ed xx

  2. Ah thank you Edward, I do try :) lol.
    But I love photographing bands and writing so its really no problem.. I am not sure we shall be able to make it Tuesday as I have the Fashion Promotion afterparty to attend and Chris is unfortunately limited on petrol.. But we shall try to come and see you more again when we can :) xx