04-05-11: Crashdiet/Houston w/ support from Serpentine

o2 academy, Islington.

Undeniably catchy and easy to listen to... I have a soft spot for AOR and while Serpentine were not the best band I have seen, I found myself tapping along when, much like Houston (co-headliner with Crashdiet that night), a melodic AOR sound was provided. Influences of Journey, Starhsip and Toto immediately seeped through and my attention turned to the way in which it felt like I knew the word to every song, even though I had never listened to Serpentine. A defining point to AOR, and the point that makes it strong. Noted a few months back on Classic Rock's "Track of the Day", Serpentine still appear to be determined to give something back to the melodic-rock scene.

Expecting a Journey-esque band, I was impressed with Houston's performance. Hailing as a Swedish AOR rock "duo", and giving everything you would expect from an AOR band, just with a little extra. The live performance was exceptional compared to the recordings I had listened to prior to the gig. There was far more edge, and the energy was reflected in the crowds acceptance. Having been praised in the second issue of Classic Rock's eminent AOR magazine alongside the likes of Toto and Roxette, Houston are making the music of their dreams. The recognition is gratifying, and prompts the nostaligia of the music.

A driving force to the sleaze rock scene, Crashdiet revive the glam metal of the 80s, but with a raw and punky edge, vowing to "bring back the big shows and big songs of the unpredictable and dangerous rock n roll". The interest in Crashdiet is ever present, and while they are not everyones cup of tea, they ARE unpredictable, and they ARE dangerous. On both occassions I have seen Crashdiet perform, they have worked the crowd into a frenzy and payed homage to not only their inspiration, but previous vocalist Dave Lepard. Marking a bout of respect, they strive to give a performance to remember.

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