20-05-11: Jettblack

The Westcoast Bar, Margate.
(joint review with Tim Rahman)

Jettblack at The Westcoast Bar.

Coming off the back of a whirlwind year which including playing Download festival and supporting the likes of Reckless Love and W.A.S.P on tour Jettblack arrived in Margate hell-bent on showing us that for all the current trends in music, straight up balls out rock and roll is what matters. The words “TRY NOT TO BE A FAN” constantly ran through my mind when it was time for Jettblack to take to the stage and for the photographing to begin. Despite a few problems with the sound within the venue, Jettblack set out with guns blazing. With distinct classic rock influences, they oozed confidence and made way for what they called an “intimate” show. Debut album “Get Your Hands Dirty” saw the delivering of many crowd favourites with catchy riffs, memorable lyrics and an attitude of straight up in your face rock n roll thrown in. Filling in the gaps with crowd interaction, jokes and the incessant drive to outdo each other [Stapleton and Dow] with duelling guitar solos, it is clear to see the chemistry within the band.
With the confidence, the look, the banter and the unmistakable catchiness, Jettblack have given a new lease of life to the “rock and roll that will stand the test of time”. They are a band on a mission and their fantastic cover of the classic Kenny Loggins track “Dangerzone” made sure they left the stage to a fantastic ovation and a well deserved post gig beer – as well as some of Margate’s finest fish and chips!

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