20-05-11: Heaven's Basement

The Westcoast Bar, Margate.

Heaven's Basement at The Westcoast Bar

Now, with Heaven’s Basement I was not expecting the quality of performance that they gave. The truth is I didn’t really know what to expect. But in one word, it was “killer”. If a review could be left with one such word, I doubt there was any need for me to start. But it cannot, so, with influences spanning from Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin through to Theory of a Deadman, Buckcherry and Shinedown, they appealed to every single person in the crowd; and though the crowd lacked in numbers, they had an enthusiasm that excelled. Heaven’s Basement did a fine job of putting on a show, thus prompting the question of “what are we to expect when the venue is packed out?” No less than an intensely compelling performance I imagine. With a stunning EP out fuelled with riffs to get you pumping, they are the band setting the benchmark for a new wave of music; needless to say this benchmark is high. So if it is not obvious enough at the moment, Heaven’s Basement were flawless. Vocalist and frontman, Aaron Buchanan was beautifully flamboyant and controlled the stage to no end, guitarist Sid Glover had both the confidence and the look to follow suit and match Buchanan’s energy, while bassist Rob Ellershaw and drummer Chris Rivers proved to be the backbone of the whole ensemble, giving everything that raw edginess that it needed.
Heaven’s Basement deliver, it’s as simple as that.

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