The Little Black Dress gets vamped

The coveted little black dress gets a vampy makeover with The Pretty Junk; you can now celebrate the coming of Christmas with a vintage style LBD. Oh and how gorgeous they are!
With individual customising, such as the growing trend of studding and exposed zips, these dresses are perfect for minimal effort but maximum impact this party season.

The studding to the shoulders on the black jersey stretch dress [left] left us lusting over the goth glam trend that many of you seem to be adopting, and the exposed zip fastening adds a sense of shabbiness that we adore; And the cutesy LBD with lace detail to the cleavage? We are in love, a self indulgent treat once in a while won't hurt the bank account too much.  
We won't tell, if you wont.
Everything The Pretty Junk does screams chic, and we love the effortlessly cool vibe that many of their pieces hold. Team with your favourite purse and a wardrobe must pair of Chelsea boots and you're ready to go


courtesy of CARROTTOP PR
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